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♦  A quickie to update the news on the many projects Rufus is involved in. The Closer tickets go on sale in 10 days, 26 November. Good luck to all who hope to purchase!

Meanwhile, Rise, mentioned here in early August, has had a successful Kickstarter campaign and hopefully there will be some sort of release - according to the website: "Once complete, the short film will be available to stream online for free." Fingers crossed!

New projects: The novel Killing Jesus will be made into a television film. You can read about that here. There have been two instagram-ish photos posted: here and here.

Project #2: a voice role in an animated film, The Blinky Bill Movie. Read about the project here and here.

And finally, another television project, which hopefully will go beyond the pilot stage (or at least be a pilot which we will actually see, unlike the ephemeral Dangerous Liaisons)... read about The Man in the High Castle here.

That's it for now. We'll keep up with all this, hopefully!
(16 November, thanks Rooftop, Adina, Nell, GE2)

♦ Hello Rufians! I am not dead (well, not literally) but not able to keep up with much beyond the day job, alas. But I'm not abandoning hope to catch up!

And there is news! The dates for Closer at the Donmar Warehouse have been (unofficially) announced. From Baz Bamigboye's column in the Daily Mail, 30 October 2014

Rada graduate Rachel Redford has won the key role of Alice, a young woman who becomes the focal point of Patrick Marber’s 1997 play 'Closer'.

David Leveaux has gathered a top-notch cast for the production he’s directing at the Donmar Warehouse in February.

Ms Redford, who just ended a run in 'Ghost From A Perfect Place' at the Arcola Theatre, will join Nancy Carroll, Rufus Sewell and Oliver Chris. Both women have relationships with both men.

'Closer' runs at the Donmar from February 12 through April 4. Redford also appears in films 'The Riot Club' and 'Testament Of Youth'.

So that's my sign of life. Crossing my fingers to be back soon!
(1 November, thanks Nell, GE2)

♦ We are having a "when it rains it pours" moment...

There is news of a project (first noticed by the eagle-eyed Rooftoppers in October 2012) that is now being KickStart[er]-ed: here. There is also a description of the technology used in making the film here. It includes three stills of Rufus.

Meanwhile, the edging-towards-being-forgotten Where the Devil Hides (formerly Devil's Rapture, and before that The Occult) has got a new name (scratch all that third-time-lucky stuff about the last title change) - it is now The Devil's Hand. Ho hum - BUT it looks like we may actually get to see the film. Read about it here.

And finally - for today - a fun article related to Hercules and knock-out close-ups from the Hercules premiere. There are lots more premiere pictures and I will get to them, along with other stuff.

Soon, I hope.
(4 August, thanks Adina, PGG, Nell, Marina, GE2)

♦  Great news! It seems that Rufus will be on stage in early 2015! I am miles behind in everything (the day job is a killer) but here are the two early articles: one and two.

Hercules has opened and I will get to reviews and photos soon I hope(!).
(27 July, thanks Rai, GE2)

♦ A sign of life, very quick (mea culpa), but a bit of good news: Rufus is filming in Australia, with a part in Gods of Egypt, directed by Alex Proyas, who did him so right in Dark City. The IMDB has finally listed his character, one Urshu. We wait for more news....

Hercules will be opening lots of places on 25 July - here is a photo of what we can look forward to.

The bad news is that the pilot for Dangerous Liaisons has not been picked up. What is the most irritating is that we won't even get to see the one-off, never mind a whole series. Someone spent the money, the actors did the work, what a waste not to see it... bah.

I hope to be back soon!
(14 July, thanks Rai, Nell, GE2, Rooftop)

♦ Greetings! I hope everyone got to listen to part one of Ring for Jeeves; you can listen to part two for another few days (and it looks like episode is also still available). Rufus is a treat, as is the whole thing. There has been one review.

I've finally cobbled together a page for The Sea (which I saw the other day and enjoyed - there is never enough Rufus, but he is memorable :-)). You can see all the articles there and the very few photos that are available.

There are a few new photos from the set of Dangerous Liaisons in New York. The pilot is now completed, so we can wait anxiously to see it.

Till next time!
(29 April, thanks RoofTop, GE2, Nell, Midoro)

♦  Rufians! Just very quick [since it looks like my "big update" plans are foiled - Easter, guests, fun - cannot complain but wish I had 2 heads and 4 hands, hahaha]: this coming Sunday (20 April) you can listen to Rufus, and others, in Ring for Jeeves, episode one, which will air on BBC 4 at 3 pm GMT. You can read about the program and see a nice cast photo here. There is also a short article here.

Also, tomorrow (Friday 18 April) The Sea opens in cinemas in the UK. You can read an article and see an exclusive clip here. There is another article here which mentions that the production design is by Derek Wallace, who did the design for Good Vibrations - a film not to be missed if you get the chance to see it. As for The Sea, even I, in not-quite-libre Québec, will actually get to see it, at my beloved Cinegael. Miracles do happen! There are more articles and I will get a page for the film together soon.

Perhaps back soonish (perhaps).
(17 April, thanks Rooftop, Midoro, GE2, Adina)

♦  So this pilot, though still without an official name, is being tagged Dangerous Liaisons in the no-parking signs placed where filming is happening in New York. You can see a few photos of Rufus from the other day here. He was with his co-star, Melissa George and you can read an article about cast updates here.

There is news that I'll Follow You Down will be released in Canada and the US on 6 June 2014 and that shortly after it will be available on DVD and on demand. Fingers crossed! You can read a new review and see a nice photo from the set. I have also added a few more photos to the I'll Follow You Down gallery.

Some might remember - or have been able to see - The Brunchers. From a resumé of the writer/director Matt Winn, comes this:

His most recent short, 'The Brunchers', his fourth, stars Natalie Dormer, Rufus Sewell and Tom Burke, and is currently playing the international film festival circuit (Hamptons International Film Festival, LAShorts, etc.)

Matt is currently casting a horror film, ‘The Hoarder’, and developing a feature version of the ‘The Brunchers’*, with the same cast – ‘The Hipsters’.

Maybe more Rufus on screen.... fingers crossed!

That's it for now. Hopefully more soon...
(23 March, thanks Rooftop, GE2, Adina, Nell)

♦  Ladies and gentlemen - the answer to Rupert Everett's Hello Darling, Are You Working? is : YES!  Read about Rufus's next role here and here, with a word on new casting here. Casting is ongoing, so there will be more articles, I assume.

As well, and mea culpa for getting this news up so late, the Dr. Syn audio series is being rebroadcast on the BBC. There are two days left to listen to episode 1, three days for episode 2, etc. and then you will be set up to listen to episodes 6 (10 March) to 10.

An older article I put up last time but forgot to mention in the news: World Stars Support Belarusians In Their Fight For Freedom (a couple of months later it seems hard to be optimistic...).

More soon, I hope!
(8 March, thanks Rooftop, mollie617, GE2, Laila)

♦  Greetings! A few new items...

Rufus attended the Golden Globes, it seems...not quite enough photo documentation for my taste, but there are a few photos you can see here and here is a mention from an article in The Telegraph the next day:

"Savile Row-based tailors Spencer Hart dressed some of the biggest stars of the night in bespoke suits, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Dan Stevens, Alfonso Cuaron, Tom Felton, Rufus Sewell and Jason Statham."
Looking good! As always!

So, in the whatever happened to that movie category, there is news about Where the Devil Hides. From Bloody Disgusting (a site, not a judgement, hahaha), 5 February 2014:

First it was "The Occult". Then it was "The Devil’s Rapture". Now the film starring Rufus Sewell, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colm Meaney and “Dexter’s” Jennifer Carpenter is being released as "Where The Devil Hides".

The Christian Christiansen-directed pic was slated for release on October 11, 2013 from LD Entertainment, who brought you The Collection, but it never materialized. Now, heading into the EFM in Berlin, the film has new sales art and hope for new life in 2014.

In the film, “Something very strange happened in the small village of New Bethlehem, a devout community kept under the tight reins of the town’s vigilant Elders. Six girls born on the same day to different mothers. Perhaps a coincidence or as most believe a chilling omen of something yet to come. Now, on the eve of their 18th birthday, the young women are mysteriously disappearing one by one and feared dead. Terror has overtaken this quiet community. Could this be the work of a serial killer, one of the village elders or a horrific prophecy come true, born of the supernatural, The Occult?“

This was followed a couple of days later by an article stating that the sales rights to the film have been picked up. So... we may be peeking at where-the-devil-hides through our fingers at some point.

And there may be another film lined up, though it's not clear whether there is official comfirmation. You can read a first article here and another here.

That is all for now. Stay tuned!
(16 February, thanks Rooftop, Laila, PGG, Nell)

♦  Happy New Year Rufians! It's been an appallingly long time since I managed an update - apologies! (I'm doing a two-person job alone - very 21st century, but mind-numbing...)

Last year's news has gone to the News Archive.

There are items scattered all over the virtual desk and I hope I don't miss anything.

Catching up with articles... a few stragglers from the promotion of All Things to All Men: here, here and here. There was also an audio interview with Graham Norton here. (You can find all these gathered together on the All Things to All Men page.)

There were three more articles related to Darkside: one, two, and three.

Hercules has finished filming but there has not been too much press. You can read articles here and here.

Mixed bag of goodies:

Thanks to one Rachel you can hear Rufus's siren call for the iPad Air UK here.

The theatre critic Matt Wolf put Old Times on two "best of" lists. Here are the excerpts...

From London Year-End Roundup: Five Best Productions of 2013,Broadway.com, 25 December 2013:

Old Times, Harold Pinter Theatre
Two brilliant actresses, Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas and Tony nominee Lia Williams, traded roles throughout the run of Ian Rickson’s quietly dazzling take on Harold Pinter’s 1971 play, which meant audiences got two chances to ponder the shimmering mysteries at the heart of the text. This was a big year on both sides of the Atlantic for the Nobel laureate, with Broadway’s starry 'No Man’s Land' and 'Betrayal' competing for attention, as well. But Rickson and his cast of three, including the divine Rufus Sewell, stood a league apart. Can they go to Broadway, as well, please?

And from Theatre: Top 10 of 2013,TheArtsDesk.com, 29 December 2013:

Old Times, Harold Pinter Theatre
So nice, they invited the critics twice: such was the casting gambit of the protean Ian Rickson's shimmering take on Harold Pinter's emotionally translucent 1971 play whereby Kristin Scott Thomas and Lia Williams swapped roles across the run as wife and lover, lover and wife, with the matchless Rufus Sewell in quietly malleable place as the lone man in a play that constitutes an abiding anatomy of melancholy for this or any year. The late Nobel laureate had a busy time of it during 2013 on Broadway as well, with 'Betrayal' and 'No Man's Land' each returning to New York to mixed results; this 'Old Times' topped them both with a surpassing empathy that made one want to see it a third time. Perhaps Sewell would like to tackle one of the women's roles?

And just to complete the "nice adjectives about Rufus" section, here's an excerpt from Book Review: ‘Making Masterpiece’ by Sandra McElwaine, 23 December 2013:

Despite all the Sturm und Drang, in the back of my mind I always knew Sunday would come and my hour, or so, of civilized storytelling would be there, waiting for me like a close and constant friend (On “Masterpiece,” among my favorites are: “The Jewel in the Crown,” “Upstairs Downstairs” and “The Pallisers.” On “Mystery,” it’s “Inspector Morse,” “Hercule Poirot,” “Foyle's War” and “Zen,” a new addition, set in Venice, starring the deliciously seductive Rufus Sewell.)
We have a photo finish. First, a blast from the past: Rufus and Ami on the red carpet at the November 2012 Britannia Awards in Los Angeles. Then Rufus caught strolling in Los Angeles, November 2013 and finally, Rufus in looking glam at the launch of the F-Type Jaguar Coupe, Los Angeles Motor Show, November 2013.

That's it for the moment. I hope to be back soon... (afraid to be optimistic).
(2 January, thanks Rooftop, Laila, GE2)