♦  You might have noticed that the site was down for over a week - spectacular service failure of the ISP - hope you didn't think I was abandoning Himself! Never!

This is a partial update - there are some photos still to come - but I have put up a page for Restless. There have been a pack of articles and reviews: here (lots of Rufus quotes), here, here ("Rufus Sewell, who brings majestic verve to the role of the dashing spymaster"), here ("Sewell is an actor born to seduce"), and here (also lots of Rufus quotes). You can see stills from the film here.

As usual there is quite a bit more and I hope to be back soon.
(22 December, thanks Rooftop)

♦  Apologies for the gap, I finally stayed vertical long enough to have a holiday. Things might be looking up...  :-)

The tickets are on sale for Old Times! Click here for the theatre's sales site. There have been a few short articles, and there is a "poster" of sorts - you can see them all here.

There have been a few articles relating to Hotel Noir. You can read them here, here, and here. If you are in the United States you can watch the film online: information is at the Hotel Noir website. Along with great photos and videos!

That's it for today. I will be back (hopefully sooner than later).
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♦  So - would you like Rufus to croon "Happy Birthday" on your voicemail? It'll cost you (as they say), but for a good cause... you can also attend the Hotel Noir premiere party if you have a bit more loose change. Click here for details!

There is also a Hotel Noir website you should check out, and there is a Hotel Noir Facebook page with great photos (which I don't feel I should nick just yet :-)).

This is a microscopic update, more to come.
(11 September, thanks Rooftop, Adina)

♦  Fantastic news!! Rufus will be on stage in the new year! You can read an article here and another here. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

There is also another project which seems to have finally come together: the film The Sea. You can read an article here and another here

There is an earlier article about Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which I forgot last time - you can read it here. And there is a short amusing article here.

Back soon with more, I hope.
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♦  So to make up for the long absence (there was a flood involved, not lying) there are a ton of new articles, mostly related to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. A tiny bit repetitious, but not always... you can look at the articles section, where they have a little "new" sign, or on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter page, where you will find them in reverse order, and where you can also see new links to online video interviews.

Or you can click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here.

There are photos from the premiere in New York here.

In other news: Restless has been confirmed here. I'll Follow You Down has wrapped in Hamilton, Ontario (not Toronto, as one originally thought) and you can see a somewhat fuzzy video about the project here (with Rufus).

Finally, for today (there will be more), quick Q & A article here.

Till soon! (2 July, thanks Rooftop, GE2, Rai)

♦  Back again with more new stuff: a new film!   I'll Follow You Down tweeted that Rufus is joining the cast. This is not up on IMDB yet, but you can find a synopsis of the film there. Check Greeneyestoo@RufusTheRooftop for timely updates. This is filming in Toronto (he'd have so much more fun in Montrťal... sigh).

In the do a good deed, get good stuff department: you can make a donation to Celebs4kids charity and in return download a fabulous hi-res photo of Rufus... here.

Finally, you can feast your eyes on Roof's eyes in another lovely Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter online interview here.

Till next time!
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♦  New stuff! First, a photo of Rufus as Adam, the vampire! Most excellent, IMO.

Second, Rufus introduced "exclusive footage" from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter at the Kapow! Comic Convention (held not very far away from my favourite bit of London - sadly I was not there :-)). You can watch a nice video of his interview here and see some photos here.

That's it for now, but more soon I hope.
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♦  I'm generally not prone to editorialising, but the latest Rufus Google alert points to two different reviews of Pinter's "The Caretaker" which name one Alex Hassell as a "Rufus Sewell look-alike" and "twin". Yes, there is a quick charcoal sketch resemblance, but the fineness of Rufus's features is not quite matched. However, the reviews of Mr. Hassell's acting are good, so best wishes to him.

Just a couple of new things: Hotel Noir which was mentioned quite a while ago, with not much info available, will be "shopped" at the Cannes film festival. You can read an article and see a first photo (with Rufus looking noirish) here.

And, the only word so far about a project which apparently will actually happen and sounds interesting: read about it here.

More soon, I hope!
(12 May, thanks Rooftop, Rai)

♦  Rufians, it's back to abject apologies time. I have excuses (the latest getting the flu for the first time since the mid-nineties!) but they don't lighten my guilt. I am counting, however, on most of you visiting the Rooftop for timely (even before time!) news. Since I have an archivist bent I see this site as being more interesting in the long term view (since it's clearly a FAIL in keeping you up to date on Rufus's current activities! :-) ). I am starting to accept that this is not the most effective year of my life (snort!). So, mea culpa, mea culpa, etc.

I did emerge from the fog just in time to let you know that you can "listen again" to Rufus and a bunch of other fun Brits in Uncle Fred in the Springtime on BBC Radio 4. This is the dramatisation of a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, presented in two episodes. You can listen to the first episode through to next Saturday, when you can listen to the second. Have fun!

Rufus is, I believe, still filming The Occult in North Carolina. You can read an article about the film's location here.

A couple of quickies: Rufus is number 384 on The Tatler List : The People Who Really Matter. This is his blurb:

Husky voice, cheekbones, tall and heavenly. Rufus, our crush on you is embarrassingly massive. The BBC sent you to Rome for Zen and we could barely handle the romance. Rufus in Rome. Playing a Venetian. Just take it in. He's got a son and a lively love life (two ex-wives, girlfriends who include Alice Eve) and was famous for his 'Sewell gruel' as a student.
Tee hee. I have quite a distinct memory of being very excited to find him in the actual magazine on this same list eons ago, before we ever thought there would be an online Tatler, or much of an online anything beyond mailing lists and Deja News (who remembers that?!). Course, before that, logging in to the African National Congress (early adopters) through Gopher (who remembers THAT?!) was enough to rob me of sleep contemplating the brave new world. I should have realised this would all be break-neck speed.   :-)

But, as they say, I digress. Or not entirely. You can have a rare treat by going here to watch a "ten years later" Rufus update to the Facebooth project, in which Alistair Morrison invited famous people from all walks of life to take photo booth photographs, which were used for Unicef fundraising. It's lovely, and rather moving, I thought. And he's just as gorgeous now as then. Sigh.

And that is it for now. There is a rumour of a new project - I hope to get that up soon.
(22 April, thanks Rooftop. GE2)

♦ Very quick: you can watch the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter cast Live Chat from 15 March 2012 here - Part 1 and here - Part 2.

(24 March, thanks thanks Rooftop, PGG)

♦ Hi! There is now a second trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and it features a bit of Rufus, image and voice. You can see it here. There is also an article with information about the film [spoiler alert] here.

Colm Meany has joined 'The Occult' (yay!). You can read about it here.

And, paparazzi photo-finish, Rufus and Ami on 12 March.

Back soon I hope!
(18 March, thanks Rooftop, GE2, PGG, Rai)

♦ Wooo hooo! Rufus will be in a new film! You can read all about it (well, what little is known at this point) here. And also in an almost identical article, only added because it mentions where the film may shoot (in case you want to plan a vacation :-) ) here.

More news as it becomes available!
(3 March, thanks Rooftop, Rai)

♦  Hi Rufanatics! The media drip for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter continues: there are two more photos featuring Rufus and now all three photos are together in a mini-gallery here. The first trailer has been released and there are also a couple of articles: here and here. You can also watch a Featurette, with a bit of Rufus. All these have been gathered together on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter page.

Meanwhile Paradise Lost has been cancelled. Here's the info from an article, from Twitch, 9 February 2012:

It has been some time since it was announced that Alex Proyas would be adapting Milton's poem Paradise Lost to the big screen for Legendary Pictures. Since then a number of high profile actors have been attached to the project too. Braldey Cooper, Ben Walker, Casey Affleck, Djimon Hounsou, Rufus Sewell, Camilla Belle, Diego Boneta and Callan McAuliffe were all set to star in the pic about an epic war in heaven between archangels Michael and Lucifer. There was the promise of large, epic air battles in 3D.

But Paradise is now lost forever as Legendary Pictures have pulled the plug on the pic. Insiders close to the production say, "...that while Proyas' vision of the movie was great, the technology wasn't quite there, and the filmmakers couldn't reduce the budget enough to satisfy Legendary".

On the brighter side, Rufus attended the Elle Style Awards in London and you can see quite a lot of photos here.

All the 2011 news has moved to the News Archive. More new news coming soon, I am sure.
(19 February, thanks Rooftop, GE2, Kissmekate, Stama)

♦  Greetings! The first photo of Rufus from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter has come out - see it here.

More soon!
(8 February, thanks Rooftop, GE2)

♦ Hi Rufians! The first 2012 photos of Rufus have arrived! See him at the W Magazine Golden Globes Party here.

And from a while back (but finally), you can see photos of Rufus at the Bafta Tea Party in Los Angeles here. And here's an amusing bit from the event, from The Surf Report:

330pm Ė Rufus Sewell
Q: Is there a noticeable difference between British and American award shows?
A: I donít know because I havenít gone round the corner yet to see if they have sandwiches yet. Like a true British actor, I didnít eat before I came, you know that old joke: ďthereís not much pay but thereís a real pork pie in the second scene.Ē My main motivation for being here is some food and hopefully to see a couple of friends.
Q: I think there are only finger sandwiches.
A: You donít know how many of them I can eat! I would say normally the difference is all in the fact that you can afford to book it outside, a potential calamitous mistake, and also the food on offer.
Q: What are you looking forward to tomorrow on Emmy day?
A: Having a nice walk. (Sewell is not attending the Emmy show.)
Q: What are you working on now?
A: Iíve just come back from playing my first vampire Ė a film called ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER. It feels like I shouldíve played one before but I havenít.
Q: So I guess I should really be asking how the catering was on the film?
A: Pretty good Ė it was in New Orleans. One of the problems playing a vampire is I donít want to be the first toppy vampire so you have to alternate slightly metrosexual meals with the full-on New Orleans extravaganza every four days or so because the food was too good. I was filling out my vampire waistcoat daily so steps needed to be taken. Iím going back to work in England in a month or so.
Rufus has a cameo role in Parade's End, a future mini series for BBC2. Here's the blurb from the BBC website:
Parade's End

BBC Two is bringing Ford Madox Ford's masterpiece, Parade's End, to the screen next year. It will be adapted by the highly acclaimed British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard and directed by Bafta-winning Susanna White.

Set between the twilight of the Edwardian era and the end of the First World War, Parade's End's biggest pre-occupation is a love triangle between English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens, his beautiful but cruel wife Sylvia and Valentine Wannop, a young suffragette who he falls madly in love with.

Sir Tom Stoppard says: "The BBC came to me with the idea of adapting Ford's novel for TV two years ago. I had never read it and I fell in love with it. Parade's End has been my main pre-occupation since then. The title covers a quartet of books set among the upper class in Edwardian England, mostly from 1911 to the end of the Great War. I spent about 18 months on the dramatisation of the novel into five 60-minute episodes, working with the BBC producer Piers Wenger and with Damien Timmer of Mammoth, the independent production company. I confess I feel a bit proud of it, and now that Susanna White has come on board to direct Parade's End I'm thoroughly excited about it."

And Zen has finally reached Australia and you can read a couple of related articles (one a short, interesting Q & A), here and here.

That's it for now. More soon, I hope!
(15 January, thanks Rooftop, GE2)