♦ Rufus has been spotted in Beverly Hills - click here to see some photos.

Eleventh Hour is being shown in Italy on Italia 1, one of Silvio's channels. (Hey, at least he's good for something!)

Your Christmas present is the chance to listen to Rufus reading The Further Adventures of Dr. Syn. They began Monday, and you have a week to listen...5 days left for the first episode. Click here.

(23 December - Happy Holidays! Thanks GreenEyesToo, Dreamer, Lexi)

♦  There is a nice article on Rufus's first wife Yasmin at Fashion Editor At Large. Here are the pertinent Roof bits:

The single biggest event of my teens was the moment I fell in love with Rufus (Sewell).

Three days after I shaved my hair off I was sat in the Pacific Blue Room, a hot restaurant on Oxford Street in Sydney when Kiefer Sutherland walked in with this weird looking guy. He had these big big eyes. He was staring at me, and I was like “who is this weird guy?” Then a few minutes later I looked back at him, and that was it. It was love. The man was Rufus Sewell. A week later I had moved into his hotel. He was making a movie called Dark City. We became inseparable. Three months later I moved to London. That was it. I was 20.

London was all about building a career. Interning. I liked fashion, but I didn’t know what aspect.

I worked on the shop floor at Browns. I was just discovering my personal style. Then Rufus and I went to New York. I interned at Harpers Bazaar with Tonne Goodman. Then back in London I worked with Alison Edmond at Harpers and Queen as bookings editor.

Read the whole thing at the link above; very lovely lady.

For the Aussies: John Adams will be shown on SBS television in Australia, beginning 6 December. Get the info here

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♦  A bird has tweeted that Rufus no longer sports a beard, so it seems that The Pillars of the Earth director has all the scenes with Tom the Builder that he needs. Vacation time!
(24 November)

♦  Ken Follet has updated his blog on the site and in his blurb about Characters and Casting he mentions "the intense and multi-faceted Rufus Sewell as “Tom Builder” - probably the most popular character I ever wrote". And potentially the most popular Follet character ever portrayed on screen, given who's playing him, ha ha.   Read the whole thing here.

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♦  If you are in the UK you can see videoclip interviews with Rufus on the site of the digital channel which is showing Eleventh Hour.

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♦  Rufus's latest project (as in 'filming or just done') is The Pillars of the Earth, a television series. Click here to get right to a blurb about Rufus.   There is another bit about the film here

Rufus is in the current issue of Corduroy magazine. Click on the link to order the mag.

The DVD of the complete series of Eleventh Hour went on sale 20 October. Get the info, a link to the Warner Brothers shop and a link to some nice photos here.

You can also win a copy of the Eleventh Hour DVD if you live in Canada or the U.S. Are You Screening has a review of the series which includes this accurate statement: "Starring Rufus Sewell, on the short list of most underrated actors" and encourages you to "Leave a comment below and include the word, “Win,” and you are automatically entered to win your very own copy. U.S. and Canada only. Winner will be selected at random Nov. 30th." Here's the cover of the DVD.

If you get the Living channel in the UK you will be able to watch the series: here's the info.

The Downlaoding Nancy Region 1 DVD will be released on 12 January. Information here.

You can read an interview with Rufus about Vinyan here.  You can watch a nifty video interview with Rufus and Fabrice du Welz (director of Vinyan) here.  The Region 1 Vinyan DVD was released on 7 April 2009. See a photo of the duo here.

In July Rufus opened the Rose Theatre at St Mary's School, Ascot. Read about it here.

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