Alright dahlings, you English speakers are waaaay ahead in things Rufus. There are already some wonderful sites, which is why I am not going to reinvent the wheel, but rather point you to....
Ginny's site!
Maxx's site!

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Read excerpts from Fabrice du Welz's Vinyan Blog translated into English... click here

What will you find in the German, Italian and French pages?

Links to sites and reviews of Rufus's work in German, Italian and French.

Photos of Rufus - sometimes looking German (well, not too often), Italian (sometimes) or French (a titch more plausible).   :-)

Any really good stuff which appears in German, Italian or French will find its way to Vue2Sewell.

There is now a small Photo Gallery on this site.

To each his own - a gift from Rufus for the French, German and Italian (strict alphabetical order!) fans:
A chacun le sien Dem jeden des seinen A ciascuno il suo

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