What Does Twice Divorced Actor Rufus Sewell Think About Getting Married and Settling Down With Children?

Hubmesh, 17 January 2016

The English actor Rufus Sewell, who is best known for portraying villainous characters in movies like ‘A Knight's Tale’, ‘The Illusionist’ and ‘The Legend of Zorro’, has already been divorced twice.

He is currently said to be dating a Japanese-American woman, but the actor hardly talks about his girlfriend and he has never even revealed her name. This is the reason why his fans and media alike have been scratching their heads on whether Sewell might be thinking of getting married and settling down with a family and children.

Though he has appeared publicly with his unnamed girlfriend at a few award ceremonies and functions, Sewell has never given his opinion on marriage and family. But why? Don’t worry people, we have all the answers.

A source close to the handsome actor gave us the much needed information on the star’s thought on getting married to his long term girlfriend. A reliable source, who claims to be quite close to the popular actor, said that Sewell was not ready to tie the knot to his beloved girlfriend yet.

The insider revealed: “Rufus is not ready to marry his girlfriend right now. He is still struggling quite hard to prove his worth and reach the height of success, which is why he does not want to marry her now.”

Despite possessing more talent than any other actor in Hollywood, Sewell has had a great difficulty proving himself within the industry, even today.

The informant gave further information saying: “Rufus and his girlfriend live together and they are perfectly happy to be with each other. There is so much love between the couple, but neither of them have thought of taking the next step in their love life. And as far as I know, they won’t be marrying each other right away.”

The source also shared with us another important reason behind Sewell’s unwillingness to marry. They attributed ‘The Man in the High Castle’ star’s previous two unsuccessful marriages as the main reason behind his hesitation.

“Rufus hasn’t had good experiences in his two previous marriages, which is why he is not willing to get hitched to his present lover. Actually, she (his girlfriend) is ready to walk down the aisle any moment, but she does not want to force Rufus into it. She understands how difficult it is for him to forget his two short lived marriages,” explained the tale bearer.

The Oliver Award and Tony Award nominated actor was married to his first wife, Australian fashion journalist Yasmin Abdallah in 1999. But they divorced after an incredibly short time.

He again tried his luck in 2004 when he married his second wife, scriptwriter and producer Amy Gardner. The couple has a son, William Douglas Sewell. Unfortunately, Sewell and Gardner also separated after a few years of marriage and divorced in 2007.

There is quite a long list of his ex-lovers as well. He dated Alice Eve from 2006 to 2008, Donna Air in 2000, Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet from 1995 to 1996 and Catalina Guirado and Helen McCrory as well. It was rumored that back in 1999, the actor was dating actress Helena Bonham Carter. Though he dated quite a number of popular ladies in his past, none of his relationship worked out well.

According to Sewell’s interview with Telegraph, he met his current girlfriend, who is a hair stylist, while he was filming Eleventh Hour. He told the English magazine about his relationship with his lover: “It is more about a relationship and hiding away between jobs than anything else. And it’s cheaper than London. It’s where I go to avoid Hollywood, weirdly enough.’ He also revealed that he and his partner lived modestly, not taking big holidays and making only the rarest appearances at red-carpet events.’

We hope that this star overcomes his fear and challenges in life and marries the love of his life.

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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