Hollywood's Next Generation: Six Smart, Talented Young Actors to Watch

Harper's Bazaar, July 1995

Rufus Sewell
...likes to defy expectations. "As soon as someone tells me I'm perfect for something," says the intense green-eyed actor. "I immediately want the opposite part." Sewell's contrarian impulses most recently led him to play a Dublin bus driver immune to Albert Finney's crush in the quietly fine film "A Man Of No Importance". The 27 year-old London native will next appear this fall as Emma Thompson's Bloomsbury suitor in "Carrington", as a scheming manservant in "Victory", a film of the Joseph Conrad novel. Obstinate as ever, Sewell still has no plans to go to Hollywood: "The best thing about going to L.A.," he says, "is having a return ticket in your pocket."

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