Rufus Sewell Says It's Been "a Delight" Working With Jenna Coleman On Her TV Comeback
The ex-'Doctor Who' Lead Will Front ITV's Ambitious Biopic of Queen Victoria

Digital Spy, 13 January 2016
By Morgan Jeffrey

Now actor Rufus Sewell - who plays Lord Melbourne, then-Prime Minister - has told Digital Spy that he's been "working very closely" with Coleman on the ambitious project.

Sewell has shot two months on the eight-part series and will return to set following a Christmas break - shortly before shooting season two of Amazon's 'The Man in the High Castle'.

"Working with Jenna has been delightful," he said. "Melbourne and Victoria were inseparable for the first couple of years of her reign. It was a really lovely relationship - a very close relationship."

Sewell told DS that playing Melbourne was particularly refreshing after his time spent on 'The Man in the High Castle' - in which he plays ruthless Nazi antagonist John Smith.

"It was wonderful - especially straight after playing this Nazi - to be playing Lord Melbourne, who was a gentleman and a very sweet-natured person.

"Equally intelligent to John Smith, but just a completely different type of character and it was almost instantaneous how I went from one character to the other - it was a matter of weeks.

"Being pigeonholed as a bad guy has been an intermittent problem with me over the years. So even if no-one watches 'Victoria', for me, to be doing something absolutely opposite almost immediately was fantastic - it really flushed it out of my system."

Given the stellar cast - with 'Torchwood''s Eve Myles and 'The Game' actor Tom Hughes among those joining Coleman and Sewell - we suspect that one or two people might just tune in for 'Victoria'...

?Rufus Sewell stars in 'The Man in the High Castle' - ?now available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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