€2.5 Million Film Is Planned For Rosslare

The Echo, 25 August 2011
By Warren Clements

A film version of Wexford author John Banville’s Man Booker Prize award-winning novel ‘The Sea’ will be shot in County Wexford. Banville has adapted his book into a screenplay which will star Ciarán Hinds in the role of the novel’s protagonist Max Morden. Sinéad Cusack will play his wife, and Rosamund Pike his childhood crush.

The movie will have a budget of around €2.5m, with all the filming set to be done in Ireland. A theatrical release date is due for early 2013.

Luc Roeg, a producer on ‘The Sea,’ said Rosslare is a likely location for the five week shoot and some of the novel is based there. He said the crew would be “predominantly, if not entirely Irish”.

In ‘The Sea,’ Morden goes back to his childhood holiday location after the death of his wife. The retired art historian spends his days there pondering his youth and marriage. Roeg, who produced Spider and Mr. Nice, admitted the book did not initially present itself as suitable for the screen, but they have worked around that.

“I read the book for pleasure and enjoyed it immensely,” he said. “We just had to find a way to articulate it in cinematic terms. Structurally, there aren’t many changes to the story. I think anybody who has read the book will recognise it in the movie. It was just how we dealt with the three elements of time because there’s Max as a child, in his life with his wife and in the present day at Rosslare.”

‘The Sea’ will be the first feature film directed by Stephen Brown and will also star Ian McElhinney, Charlotte Rampling and Rufus Sewell.

Roeg said the Man Booker accolade was a bonus when approaching actors about the project, and would also help to get the film distributed internationally.

The film is being produced by Roeg’s Independent Films. The Irish Film Board provided funding and the project will avail of section 481 tax breaks.

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