All Things to All Men Review
Kidulthood Producer George Issac Makes His Writer-director Debut With This Stylish Crime Thriller

The Guardian, 4 April 2013
By Peter Bradshaw

George Isaac is the producer of the commercially triumphant British films 'Kidulthood' and 'Adulthood', and makes his debut as a writer-director of this London crime thriller.

Perhaps against the odds, it's a smart, engaging film, hitting a confident stride right away, and coolly proprietorial in its attitude to London, taking on the big, iconic locations without looking touristy.

Rufus Sewell is Parker, a bent copper looking into a cocaine case, but his interest goes beyond making a collar. By nicking a medium-level villain Mark Corso (Pierre Mascolo) on charges that he can withdraw later if he wishes, Parker has a leverage on his father, crime lord Joseph, played with menace and gravitas by Gabriel Byrne. In return for springing his son, Parker wants Corso Sr to do him a favour concerning a thief, Riley, played by Toby Stephens. This is a convoluted tale of triple-cross, and doesn't quite stand up to scrutiny. But it's a stylish and involving experience, with an intriguing touch of Mike Hodges. Isaac is a film-maker with a future.

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