Exclusive : Sewell Circling Fun Space Thriller 'Animus'

MovieHole, 17 January 2014
Thanks, Rueful

Rufus Sewell, not unfamiliar with the horror and fantasy realm having suffered endured “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” (lest we forget), is circling another genre piece.

Sewell, who also played to the geek crowd with “Dark City”, is being courted for science-fiction/horror flick “Animus”.

In what sounds like a fun mix of “Aliens” and “Event Horizon”, the Thomas Konkle-written script fixes on a space-journeying scientists who, on the way back from investigating some far-off moons, are hit by micrometeorites. One of the scientists is infected, and it’s no longer before another side of him comes out – threatening the family– killing the men, while dominating and impregnating the women. It’s up to the rest of the guys on the ship to kill the infected man – and thus, the monster within – before the evolved contagion makes it to Earth.

Told you it sounded like a blast, no!?

Commercials director Konkle is also directing.

Not sure how far along this is, let alone whether Sewell is a lock yet, but more on this when we get it. Like the sounds of it.

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