Are We Ready for Another 'Event Horizon', Only With More Impregnation?, 22 January 2014
By Charlie Jane Anders

Because it sounds like that's what we're going to be getting. Rufus Sewell is in talks to star in 'Animus', a movie that's described as 'Event Horizon' meets 'Alien', about an astronaut who gets an alien infection and then turns into the "ultimate alpha male" who "dominates and impregnates" all the women.

According to MovieHole, which broke the story, 'Animus' is written and directed by commercials director Thomas Konkle. And here's the synopsis from the film's official site:

A group of scientists who have become a dysfunctional family are on the return journey from exploring Saturn's and Jupiter's moons, hoping to have found life. Their mission was unsuccessful. They are struck unexpectedly by micrometeorites, one of which infects one of the scientists, John Link, with proto-life, causing him to evolve. As the alien corruption takes hold, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde battle ensues within Link. As "Hyde" takes over with increased intelligence and strength, he becomes the ultimate alpha-male, threatening the family– killing the men, while dominating and impregnating the women. As they hurtle through space towards earth, the Captain, his wife and the remaining crew must fight to destroy Link before he brings this monstrous, evolved contagion back to our home world.
Thanks to Hotscot for finding the official synopsis!

Bear in mind that you can't really make any solid judgments about an early plot synopsis for a film that hasn't even started shooting yet. And still... ugh. I'm assuming "the women" on this ship are scientists and professional space explorers, and not just along for the ride or whatever. So it's not clear why they would end up being passive victims, who get dominated and raped by the infected crewmember.

At first, I was assuming Sewell would play the infected crewmember, because he seems to gravitate towards monstrous roles, but he could actually the heroic captain.

In any case, at first blush, this sounds like a throwback to the impregnation horror movies that came out in the wake of 'Alien', only with more explicit misogyny. [Movie Hole]

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