Rufus Sewell Return Has Leading Ladies In a Twist as Actresses Find Out Roles On the Night

Evening Standard, 10 October 2012
By Louise Jury

Rufus Sewell is returning to the West End for the first time in six years — but he will not know who his leading lady is until just before the curtain goes up.

The actor is starring in Harold Pinter’s play 'Old Times' alongside Lia Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas. But in an unusual twist the actresses will both learn the two female roles — his wife Kate and her visiting friend Anna — and a decision will be made on the night about which they will play.

“It’s quite exciting and will certainly keep us on our toes,” said the Los Angeles-based star, 44. He said it was both the play — which he called “wonderful, dark and interesting” — and the casting at the Harold Pinter Theatre that had lured him back to the stage.

His move comes six years after he won an Olivier and an Evening Standard theatre award for his performance as Jan in Tom Stoppard’s 'Rock ’n’ Roll'.

'Old Times' will be the first of Pinter’s plays to be performed at the theatre and will run from January 12 until April 6.

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