Rufus Sewell-Starrer ďDEVILíS RAPTUREĒ Coming for Halloween í13

Fangoria, 21 December 2012
By Michael Gingold

After taking its first step into nationwide releasing with last monthís THE COLLECTION, LD Entertainment has set a release date for another horror feature, DEVILíS RAPTURE.

Fango has learned that DEVILíS RAPTURE, originally titled THE OCCULT when we first told you about it here, will go wide October 11, 2013 in time for the Halloween season. Directed by THE ROOMMATEís Christian E. Christiansen and written by THE DIVIDEís Karl Mueller, DEVILíS RAPTURE is set in a small town under the sway of a religious cult. Six girls born on the same day to different mothers start vanishing just before their 18th birthdays, and the older members believe an ancient prophecy is coming true while the younger folk suspect the abusive elders themselves are responsible.

The cast includes ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTERís Rufus Sewell, DEXTERís Jennifer Carpenter, Colm Meaney, Thomas McDonell, Jane McNeill and Leah Pipes.

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