Ring For Jeeves

BBC Media Centre, April 2014
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Rosalind Ayres directs an all-star cast in Archie Scottney's sparkling dramatisation of this comedy-thriller. Can Jeeves help Lord Rowester to sell his crumbling pile to a wealthy American widow?

Jeeves is on loan to young Lord Rowcester (Bill). Wooster is absent, attending a school designed to teach the aristocracy to fend for itself. Jeeves has to exert his gigantic fish-fed brain to help his new master raise money by selling his crumbling pile to a wealthy American widow.

She thinks the Abbey is wonderful, full of ghosts. (Her hobby: psychic phenomena.) Will she buy it? There are complications. It's damp. She has fibrosis. Plus Bill's fiancée Jill mistrusts Rosie’s motives.

There's also bluff Captain Biggar on the trail of a bookie and his clerk, who conned him at Epsom races and have somehow gone to ground in the Abbey. They are in fact Bill and Jeeves. Will he unmask them? Will Jeeves be on hand to provide more than brandy?

Having played Jeeves on Broadway, Martin Jarvis now brings his award-winning characterisation to the Classic Serial, abetted by Rufus Sewell (Rory), Joanne Whalley (Monica), Glenne Headly (Rosie), Jamie Bamber (Bill) and Ian Ogilvy (Captain Biggar).

Producer/ Rosalind Ayres for Jarvis and Ayres
Sunday 20 April

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