Rufus Sewell Suits Up In New Role as a Nazi Officer as He Films Bloody Gun Fight With Co-star Aaron Blakely for 'The Man In The High Castle'

Daily Mail, 22 and 23 April 2015
By Hanna Flint and Colette Fahy
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[22 April]
What if the Allies had lost World War II?

That's the premise behind new Amazon drama 'The Man In The High Castle', based on the 1962 novel of the same name, and the stars were out in force filming in Vancouver on Tuesday.

British actor Rufus Sewell, 47, sported a bloody face as he got to work on the drama, in which he stars as John Smith, a ruthless SS Obergruppenführer (high ranking Nazi official) investigating the Resistance in New York.

With a cut on his left cheek and fake blood streaming down the right side of his neck, it looked as if his character had seen some action. However, that didn't stop Rupert flashing a smile as he stopped to grab a coffee between takes, still in full costume and make-up.

[23 April]
Rufus Sewell was back on the 'The Man In The High Castle' set on Wednesday.

The actor wore an all-black Nazi uniform, complete with Swastika arm band, as he filmed a gun fight for the new drama in Vancouver, Canada. Though it doesn't look like his character, John Smith, gets off Scott-free as his face and shirt were bloodied from prosthetic cuts and wounds.

His uniform looked similar to those worn by the Allgemeine-SS Standarte 45, a regiment based at Oppeln in Upper Silesia during the war, and judging by his collar Smith is a SS-Obergruppenführer (AKA Lieutenant General).

His co-star, Aaron Blakely, plays Erich Raeder and seems to be [sic] suffer a few gun shot wounds judging by the bloody holes in his SS-Sturmbannführer (Nazi Major) costume.

For the gun fight, Sewell dons a classic leather trench coat and wields a Luger pistol as he jumps out of a car into the dramatic scene.

The TV show is based on the Philip K. Dick 's 1962 novel of the same name, though it seems the plot has diverted from the book.

'The Man In The High Castle' imagines a world where the Allies failed to win World War II ending with the Nazis and Japanese taklng control as the world's super powers. Almost 20 years later, the two Superpowers run most of the globe between them but tensions are reaching a boiling point in the US where Japanese territories comprise the former United States west of the Rocky Mountains; the Germans run the east and a neutral zone stands between them.

The first episode became Amazon's most-watched pilot ever when it was shown as part of the site's pilot season programme in January.

A few times a year Amazon releases a number of pilot episodes and viewers can vote on which they would like to see commissioned for a full series. As a result of its popularity, it was picked up in February and the adaptation is currently filming its first season in Vancouver.

Ridley Scott is an executive producer on the project, having previously directed 'Blade Runner' which was loosely based on another Dick work - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?.

Alexa Davalos stars as Juliana Crain, a young woman from San Francisco whose father was killed by Japanese forces during the war. Rupert Evans plays her boyfriend Frank Frink, who is secretly of Jewish origin and fought on the Pacific. Luke Kleintank is Joe Blake, a double agent secretly working for the SS under Obergruppenführer John Smith (Sewll), who infiltrates the American resistance. DJ Qualls plays Ed McCarthy, who works in a factory with Frank while Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is Nobusuke Tagomi, an official at the Japanese embassy.

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