Darkside - An Original New Play for Radio 2 by Sir Tom Stoppard

BBC Media Centre, 9 August 2013
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Legendary playwright Sir Tom Stoppard has penned an original new play for BBC Radio 2 to mark the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s album, The Dark Side Of The Moon.


To be broadcast on Radio 2 on Monday 26 August at 10pm, 'Darkside', is a fantastical story based on themes from the seminal album and stars a stellar cast which includes Bill Nighy, Rufus Sewell, and Adrian Scarborough. The lead roles will be played by Olivier Award-winning Iwan Rheon ('Misfits') and stage actress Amaka Okafor ('The Garbage King').

In the lead-up to the programme, Radio 2 will broadcast a number of programmes to complement and celebrate this big anniversary.

Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music will be simulcasting a unique show that will put the audience in control of the music across both networks for two hours, as they collaborate online to pick the tracks. 'Now Playing' will provide the perfect build up to a night of exciting programming on the two stations.

Following the broadcast, 'The Record Producers - Pink Floyd Special' will give listeners another chance to hear Richard Allinson and Steve Levine's look at the work of Pink Floyd concentrating on the late 60s through to the mid-70s. The show will feature guitarist David Gilmour and percussionist Nick Mason, and Richard and Steve share the original multi-track recordings of some of Pink Floyd's best work from this period.

On the night of broadcast, visitors to bbc.co.uk/radio2 will be able to watch a specially commissioned animation by Aardman to accompany the drama, creating a unique, immersive audio-visual experience.

'Darkside', Monday 26 August, BBC Radio 2, 10pm


Cast Q&As

Rufus Sewell

“Ethics man is a thought experiment. He exists for the purposes of the thought experiment. He’s a kind of philosophical superhero who comes in and saves the day or does what has to be done… and Mr Baggett is the teacher who dreams up these thought experiments.”

“One of them is a person, the other is just an idea.”

“I love doing radio… and something new by Tom Stoppard doesn’t come along very often.”

“It was undeniable, the kind of power and influence of this album. I had friends who were obsessed with it.”

“… Tom was making a joke… To the wrong people it could be some annoying voices interrupting their favourite album or it could be an album interrupting something they want to listen to.”

“He’s evidently matched the words very, very cleverly to the sounds.”

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